Wednesday, May 12, 2010

graduate life

i'm taking 5 classes this summer semester. why? that's a good question. most people think me crazy as they are taking 3 maybe 4 and me...well i must be masochistic.

actually, i just think that while karl is still working from home, we have a little extra cash from our tax return to cover some bills (including an extra class) i should take advantage of this time and really try to get some work accomplished. oh - and i'm honored to share a class with Shauna - her last - as a way to commemorate the criss-crossing of our journeys as i begin mine and she ends hers.

so...5 classes. it's crazy, really. i will probably have read about several thousand pages - noteworthy, indeed, from someone who doesn't read anything but magazines and emails. it's crazy just for crazy sake, but when you throw in car troubles and birthdays and special events like mother's day in the mix of an intensive weekend course, things get just plain nuts. and this week, we get to add car trouble.

yesterday, i parked on the street and couldn't get my car to start to move it to the garage and had no more change for the meter. after several banging and clangings on the battery, it started well enough to move it. and that's where the good news ends. after a friend drove over to jump it, with no luck, karl packed up the kids at 8:30 PM and drove up to the city...he had no luck starting it either. thankfully, the van was running well enough for him to come pick me up. so, we left my car in the garage and on a day when i don't have classes, i'll still be driving uptown to have it towed, praying all the way that the van makes it, since it almost didn't start this morning when i got up to take lucy to school.

moral: 5 classes is doable, if life doesn't get in the way. but since it does, hold on to your hats, folks, krista is in for a hurricane over the next 6 1/2 weeks. what? you didn't know hurricanes came off the puget sound?


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