Friday, April 30, 2010


tonight i spent $243 on a popcorn maker and it was worshipful.

our family attended a fundraiser event for Brooklake Christian School. the school is a part of the church we attend by the same name. it was their 14th annual round-up style silent and live auction complete with its very own auctioneer. i had seen the posters up on the walls of the church building marketing the event and was intrigued. i was even more excited when it was advertised as a family event complete with a western-themed party for the kids and bbq for the adults. karl enjoyed himself just as much when he sniped the vintage cinema-style authentic popcorn maker at the last second for a cool $108. the rush of wondering if we could be the final bidder was good fun - and taking home something that will replace our burnt microwave popcorn on movie nights was splendid, indeed.

we bid on a few more items, but let them go to a higher bidder, all while learning about the fun things seattle has to offer: kayaking in lake union, harbor tours, live bug exhibits and mariner's games. then, when it was time for the live auction, the excitement grew when the auctioneer began his ceremonious yodeling increasing the bids one after encouraging audience members to vye for winning the prized item. holding up our large print numbered card as a bidder, making sure you didn't slip up and hold up your card mistakenly was innocent fun.

i was completely surprised when i started crying...perplexed, really. it just felt so good to spend money so freely. we completed our purchases with an additional $35 to get the principal and 5th grade teacher out of "jail" as well as $100 towards the school's purchase of an automatic defribilator. the tears kept coming and i told karl i had no idea why, but it felt so good to give, and in the giving receive.

that's my new definition of worship - giving and in the giving, receiving. the atmosphere of so many parents and grandparents supporting their child's school in a fun way was moving and i'm not sure why it was so. maybe because in my own private christian school education there wouldn't have been anything like it, but more, it was freedom to give knowing it was all for a good cause, and yet in the giving, the good feeling is what i received.

the bright red popcorn maker will sit on our countertop as a reminder to me that giving isn't meant to be a burden, an obligation, a principle or rule. its meant to be worship. it is in giving that we immediately receive, when the giving is done wholeheartedly, without reserve, just because you support what you're giving to.

just some thoughts about a night that moved me to tears...simply, yet profoundly i was happy.


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