Monday, August 3, 2009

when you find yourself lost...'re supposed to stay where you are. the temptation to wander and hope to find the right path is great, however, it makes it more difficult for anyone to find you if you are wandering. if you stay put, wait, be patient, and endure, that's when someone can find you.

i'm wondering if God works the same way. when we find ourselves lost in a world that doesn't make sense, in a day of chaos or a moment of tragedy, we run. we wander searching every direction for the right path. and yet, to be still, in the pain and suffering, loss and confusion, is to be found. to remain is the best solution - but how hard that is! wouldn't it be better if i just tried this way? wouldn't i be able to save myself if i went that way? staying put can't be the best can't be - all reason betrays me. but that is the best way - against reason it is the best way to stay and remain in the loss, rather than run - and risk being lost forever.

this remaining is taxing. but i'm trying.


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