Monday, April 13, 2009

A day to be proud

CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to Mars Hill Graduate School!!! I am so proud of your decision to take the risk that desire seems to require. So step one has been accomplished - relish it!

I'm also incredibly proud of my friend Erika for taking a different kind of risk. She has chosen to let her heart lead her into new territory as well. Watch her youtube debut below!

I feel so lucky to know such incredible people!


Thoughts42Day said...

Congrats!!!! I forgot to get your email addresses before we left and lucked out by finding your blog. I got my acceptance letter Sat. so Brian and I are formulating a plan to get us and our kiddos out there. Thanks again for the part both of you have played in this process. We look forward to hopefully meeting up with you in the future.


lauren said...

Yay Krista! This will be an amazing adventure for you and your family.