Sunday, November 2, 2008

you'll be a different person a year from now...

i've heard it said, "you'll be a different person a year from now based on the books you read and the people you meet." i concur!

this weekend, i had the books that i'm currently reading merge into relevance with one event - an argument with karl. we were arguing and didn't have the time to resolve the conflict due to it being a saturday, the kids were awake, and karl's mom was in town. so, needing something to quell the pain...i first turned to the idol of pleasure - an idea recently garnered from the book, "Breaking the Idols of Your Heart", a review of Ecclesiastes. i wanted to use pleasure to anesthetize the pain and frustration of arguing with the one i'm supposed to be one flesh with. i turned to pleasure for my gratification rather than resolving the issues. then, i went for a drive to meditate, pray, clear my head in the beautiful autumn of colorado. but, i was also reminded of a passage from "Sacred Marriage" which reminded me that my prayers won't go very far if i'm in the midst of dissension with my spouse (I Peter 3:7). so, i took the challenge of Matthew 5:23 to leave my gift of prayer and meditation at the altar and go and be reconciled to my husband.

i picked him up and he went for a drive with me. we listened to a song by NeedtoBreathe called Looks Like Love, and the song became our mutual prayer and i believe we were heard.

Looks Like Love

Take another step
Don’t give up on me just yet
We could take a chance
We could find a child’s romance
At least we’d love until we can’t

I wont run when it looks like love
I won’t hide beneath the fear
Of how my past has come undone

I wont run when it looks like love
I can’t spend another night alone
Regretting what I’ve done
So, I won’t run

The breeze can only be
When she overcomes the heat
Our hearts can only shake
When there’s risk that they could break
Yeah it’s a chance that I will take

Raise your head
Its time to say
Those words that I have left unsaid
I’ve slept through the sunrise
And I turned
Away every time it got bright

so, i guess i'll buy the quote about the books i read, and the people i meet and add, "the music i listen to".


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noelle said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, Krista.

I liked reading how you allowed your reading to come into your heart when you just wanted to soothe it yourself. That is the true picture of intimacy. Allowing our beloved into our pain. Something I am still not very good at.