Friday, November 21, 2008

the unbridled hope of a child...

i was so glad i was present and available to answer lucy's request for snuggle time before quiet hour today. i was all ready to get in the shower, but that could wait for a few more minutes. lucy wanted to pick up our conversation that we'd been having the past few nights about disney world. she wanted to know how big mickey was. what were the rides like. what kind of games could be played. and was there dancing too? so, today i chose to tell her all about the 'it's a small world' ride. the description of that ride must have just been the answer she was looking for as she was then determined that she wanted to go. so, i told her maybe she should ask for a trip to disney world for christmas. she guffawed at the thought of santa bringing her disney world. i quickly explained that he could bring us the tickets to go.

she thought for a minute and asked if we could go to the mall and if i could sit on santa's lap and ask him for us. understanding a childs' fear of sitting on a large jolly bowl full of jelly, i told her that she would have to be the one to ask if that's what she wanted. but, i suggested there might be another way.

i said, "you know, santa only works during christmas, but do you know who works all year round and is only a prayer away?"

she responded, "Jesus?"

i told her that if she didn't want to ask santa, she could ask Jesus. she thought about this for a moment and said, "will Jesus drop the tickets in the sky down from heaven?"

i said, "maybe. but they might also show up under your pillow, or under your plate at dinner."

she was having fun with this idea and asked for me to tell her more places they could show up. so, i said, "maybe they will be in your carseat, or in your lunch bag at school."

it was fun to watch her laugh and giggle at these thoughts. then, she looked behind her out the window and said, "i don't see the tickets in the sky, will i be able to see them when they come down from heaven?"

i brought it to her attention that while she would be able to see the tickets if that's where they were, she hadn't even asked yet. she quickly said, "then, let's do it right now."

she bowed her head and clasped her hands and prayed, "dear Jesus, i would really like to go to disney world sometime. could you please send us some tickets? amen."

with a tear in my eye grateful for her hope and trust, i smiled and was thrilled to be a part of this moment. then, when it was time for me to go she said, "i'm just going to look under my pillow real quick to see if they're there."

obviously there were no tickets to disney world - but that didn't deter her hope. i told her she might have to be very patient, and possibly remind Jesus. she asked if he would forget, and i reassured her that he wouldn't, but it didn't hurt to ask again. so, i'm sure she will. over and over again she will. and everytime it will be a reminder to me that Jesus loves the little children...all the children of the world...


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