Sunday, September 28, 2008

no longer mute turns 50

i'd like to ring in our 50th blog with some photos (lauren, aren't you proud?). many of you have realized in our writings that shauna and i share a love of words, existential crises, deep thoughts, strong emotions and using this blog to express those loves and so much more. what you may not know is the other sides we share.

we also love to laugh. while life often provides more opportunity for tears and frustrations than for laughter, when the occasion does present itself, we seize happy moments with the same enthusiasm as that of a deep sea fisherman reeling in a gigantic, bright and shiny fish. we savor the inside jokes, the do-a-little-dances, the ironies, the sarcasms, the witty and clever innuendos, the hints of smart and slap-stick humors, and all the belly laughs that come with having a 12-year history of friendship to draw from.

these pictures - while not at all flattering - are most representative of what i love. while i have a deep need to write and to get all my insides out, i also have a deep need to laugh. i am a glutton of epic proportions when it comes to those chances where you laugh so hard you can't breathe, you're crying, your doubled-over...i crave those moments. maybe i know life will throw me a curve ball pitch next inning, so i relish the chances to hold on to those times of sheer happiness.

so, here are the moments captured on film circa 1998 where we were having fun once. but seeing them now, i'm having fun all over again.



:::No Longer Mute said...

I am so glad you posted these pictures. They reveal that we don't ALWAYS take ourselves (and life for that matter) seriously. Oh...and they also reveal my life-long tongue deformity. I am officially getting my tongue "untied" in a couple of weeks. I'm going to experience the discovery of a whole new world filled with all sorts of tongue freedom! Can you believe it? We'll have to do a 10-years later photo booth session next time you come out here!

:::No Longer Mute said...

One more thought...I am learning that the whole of life is made up of various seasons. I am so thankful for the season of carefree youthfulness when I first became a Christian (when these photographs were originally taken). It was a necessary season to strengthen and prepare me for this most recent season of doubting, seeking and despairing. I am also convinced that a new season of even greater joy, laughter and togetherness lies ahead for us and I am looking forward to capturing and cataloguing those moments with you as well!

Until then...

lauren said...

i love the visuals!!!