Sunday, September 21, 2008

3 things I know...

1. I AM LOVED. How else could I explain the fact that three of my closest friends are traveling here (2 from Colorado and 1 from the other end of Washington) to see me today?! I feel so honored!!!

2. RELATIONSHIPS NEED TIME. Brian and I went out on our first official date in about a year. We were celebrating our 10 year anniversary (though technically our anniversary isn't until the 26th). I've always sort of felt like "date nights" were a nice luxury, but weren't vital to the relationship...but I think I've changed my stance on that one! We began the night with a set of rules - no talking about kids, money, work for him or school for me. At first it was difficult to figure out what to talk about, but by the end of the night we couldn't stop talking.

3. THERE WILL BE DANCING IN HEAVEN. The So You Think You Can Dance show was absolutely amazing. There is just something magical about music combined with the movement and expression of the human body. Some how the movement is able to communicate desire and beauty in a way that surpasses language. In a truly creative and engaging dance the observer is invited to enter into another realm of reality with the dancer.

That's all for now...can't wait to see you!


lauren said...

I feel honored to have YOU as a friend. Thanks so much for another wonderful visit. I love you!

It was great to see you too Krista...hopefully someday we can collaborate on some creative endeavors.

:::No Longer Mute said...

great trip. great one.