Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where I Come From

Here's a link to a clip from that video I was telling you about.

And as a result of your encouragement, below is the poem I wrote in 15 minutes as a class assignment earlier today:

Where I Come From

I come from 12 Manzanita,
the infamous Littleton, Colorado.
The home in the valley,
where all the rich kids lived.
The rolling foothills, the country club
and elite equestrian center.
The blue house with Aspen trees
shading the front patio.
The abundant landscape freckled
with oversized houses, garages, and SUVs.
That's where I come from.

I come from a home with a single mother,
two brothers and a baby sister, and later a parasidic step father
The children all carrying his hatred
in their shame.
The home of horor-
perpetuated by his rage.
The shouting, the pleading,
the crying, the pain.
The white-washed tomb was our pretty
little house on the hill.
That's where I come from.

I come from a churc that tended
to my wounds.
The youthgroup filled with laughter
and song.
The backpacking adventures, and the smell
of that fresh, ripe Rocky Mountain air.
The La Veta kitchen gatherings
flipping pancakes and burning coffee.
The long train rides to California, New York and D.C.
where Amtrak personnel couldn't keep up with our bathroom deposits.
That's where I come from.

I come from a place of fear,
will I forever remain here?
The feel of my pumping heart
when I stand before all men.
The embrace of a father is all
this child has longed for.
The burning sensation under my feet
just begging me to take a stand.
The push of his hand
egging me on.
That's where I come from.

I come from a place where the taste
of his grace was bitter sweet.
The chewing of this calling more difficult
than I anticipated.
The richness of life savored
many times over.
The sourness of my pain oivercome
by your gaze.
the growing ability to experience
flavors of all kind.
That's where I come from.
That's where I come from.



:::No Longer Mute said...

some call you 'shauna', i call you 'writer' - live into your name. brilliant. you should sneak 15 minutes of that kind of spontaneous writing in everyday...not just when you're pressured to. ah...having pressure be our motivation to perform...will it ever be any different. i hope so. i sure hope so.


The Tigerts said...

Where I come from...Despite the sunglasses and embarassment, I think you should have read that in class. powerful- stirring my heart. Thank you for sharing those words. I hope your eye is getting better--- I've been thinking of you.