Thursday, July 10, 2008


i thought i'd spice things up and share some vintage writings. i wrote this for karl on the valentine's day before lucy was born in 2004 - before everything would change.

a valentine’s day

just before you walk out our bedroom door, my day is set in motion
with the lingering dew of your soft and gentle kisses
the warmth of your body left on my skin
and the sound of your sweet wishes
whistling in my sleepy head.

i often drift back to limp lifelessness
after bidding you godspeed for your journey.
but, my sleep is sweeter and my dreams are dreamier
because my heart is soft, with grateful gladness,
that I have you to farewell to everyday

now, hours have passed since you’ve gone,
my body is numb and my head is full of mixed up images.
i finally wake to get up and begin my day
and with first things first I don’t hesitate to call you
it’s been too long since i’ve heard your voice

after morning’s thoughts, agendas and best wishes
i can think clearly to go about my busy way.
there are phone calls to make and people to greet
there are projects to start and others to finish
places to run to and others that I skip

and in the midst of my to-ing and fro-ing
constantly and always I’m thinking,
“hey, guess what happened…”
“do you know what?” and I don’t wait to
share with you the happenings of the moment

and when the clock has timed a day’s work is finished:
time cards have been completed
traffic has been battled and won
you come home to me gleeful and cheery
absence has made us happy to be home

we share hugs and hellos,
fresh greetings and kisses
we exchange thoughts, ideas, and wishes
over baked chicken and penne pasta
with croutons on a crisp green salad.

and though the storm rages in our backyard
and the rain beats down our doors;
even as the wind knocks on our windows,
we ignore the weathered outside
while peace is resting quietly within our home

now the hours have passed, the minutes have flown
the seconds can’t be caught up with.
the to dos are wrapped up, the lists completed
the trappings of the day are finished.
and I have just one thing left before we return to slumber

finally, it’s just you and me, we’re tucked in bed
snuggled warm and tight.
we look into each other’s eyes and giggle as you turn out the light.
it’s time for the moment i've most waited for today,
you hold me close and lead me into sweet sleep...

with the lingering dew of your soft and gentle kisses.
the warmth of your body left on my skin.
and the sound of your sweet wishes
whistling in my sleepy head.


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:::No Longer Mute said...

I think you should write a new version of the poem. Let it be a before and after kids love poem collection!