Monday, June 23, 2008

has·sle (b): an annoying or troublesome concern

more annoying than troublesome, to be certain, but i have had my fair share of hassles lately. and i'd like to take this medium to vent my frustrations over these minor misfortunes. in the past few weeks, it seems like one thing after another doesn't go right or as planned and the result is having to find time to do the thing all over again, when in reality, i didn't have time to do it to begin with. enough skirting, here's my lengthy list:

1. i had to get new glasses. problem was, my prescription runs out at the end of the month, so i had to get them asap. i ordered them from costco. i went first to try some on. then karl came with me to confirm or deny my findings. i ordered them, got them back. first - they were crooked and since made of plastic were difficult to straighten. nonetheless, i took them home, only to realize that the left eye was the wrong prescription. took them back, now with just 10 days to spare, changed not only the prescription but had to pick another frame that can be straightened. am waiting for the call so i can go back to pick them up when they're right. hassle.

2. our van wouldn't start. this happens, i'm sure to a lot of people. i was downtown at the zoo and had a friend and her two kids, along with my two kids the first time it didn't start. thankfully, after a few tries - away we went. i wasn't so lucky 5 days later. i was all set up to do some garage saleing. i let the kids stay in their pajamas since they were going to be in the car watching a video while i hopped in and out. after going to the bank and getting gas in the car, the van wouldn't start at the pump. thankfully, i put it in neutral and coasted out of the stall only to realize i had forgotten my cell phone at home and oh, by the way, my kids didn't have their shoes on or with us. hassle.

3. i went to buy some new running shoes. tried on two pair and had a hard time deciding which was the right one. turns out i bought the wrong one. too small. went to take them back, and now the pair that i need isn't in stock. has to be ordered. when they get in, it will be trip 3 to the running store to get some new shoes. hassle.

4. we had a fun bike ride on saturday down to bear creek lake park with the kids. jumped into the lake with all my clothes on and had a chilly ride back - only that wasn't the hassle. the hassle was when i was looking back at karl and he yelled "watch out" just in time for me to see i was about to run into the fence. so, i slammed on the breaks and shot out over the front of the handle bars and landed in the dirt. i got a large bruise on my knee - minor hassle. but i messed up the front of my bike. so, tonight i had to find a way to fit my busted bike, into a borrowed car, wearing my holey running shoes and broken glasses, in order to get to the bike store and get it fixed. hassles.

so, tonight, when i was changing peter's diaper and he grabbed my white gold bee necklace and the chain snapped, i thought "hassles. hmmm? i wonder what those are all about."


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