Tuesday, May 27, 2008

speaking of butterflies...

i had the chance to go on an hour and a half long bike ride with just me and my ipod. karl had downloaded a fun mix for me, and one song was Jason Mraz's "Butterfly". i've always been a fan of jason-his creativity, his skat-ting, his improvisation in concert-he is brilliant to watch. and while this song in particular doesn't 'call' to me, the idea of him does. let me explain.

when karl made me the mix, he said that jason has a new release out with just him and his drummer, Toca Rivera. and that's where this song, "butterly" came from. so, when i heard that song again on my long bike ride i got to thinking. i like the idea of a talented someone getting to work with another talented someone to collaborate on a great project. i pictured their faces each day at work - so happy to be sharing their experience with someone as passionate about their work as the other.

most people in corporate america wake up, go to an office building, sit down in a tiny cube by themselves, and work for the man day in and day out, without collaboration, without shared passion-simply without.

so, the idea of him and his partner working together does call to me. and on that day, and in this context, i was happy thinking that maybe God will have you and i work collaboratively on some project, some day. i was happy to hope that we could apply our passions and talents in such a way that we find great job satisfaction from the plain fact that we enjoy what we're working on, we like it even more if we can do it together...and the result is a beautiful collaborative project...and possibly even more beautiful than if it were done solo.

this is what the biography on jason's page said about he and toca. "Mraz met a drummer, Toca Rivera and the two began performing together – Mraz on acoustic guitar, Rivera on djembe – honing a live show that featured as much comedic banter between the two as music."

who knows? maybe one day, we can perform together - you in one way, me in another - honing our skills and gifts in such a way to feature our friendly banter between us as much as our talents.

who knows?


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:::No Longer Mute said...

I'm so excited to see where this life takes both of us. And I'm equally in awe of the new life being drawn forth from the depths of our beings in the here and now. My friend, we are already collaborating together - creating something beautiful - it is a friendship sprinkled with doses of genuine encounters. Here's to more beauty...