Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Pain in Passion

I know I already told you that we bumped into Dave Matthews and his family the other day at Carkeek Park along the Puget Sound, but I discovered some interesing things about him today that have fueled my thoughts. Brian and I were sitting on our blanket atop the sand enjoying the 89 degree weather with Lauren McCleary and Steph and her family when someone noticed that he and his family were strolling on by. He had a couple of daughters (I guess they're twins about Bailey's age) and a baby boy (soon to be 1). They just looked like normal people. I'm not one of those people that believes that famous people are in a class above the rest of us, but I guess I was expecting his fame to set them apart some how. I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that they were just as human as you and I.

Something prompted me to look up the details of his life on wikipedia today (I seriously love that website...I look something up on it at least once a day). I learned that his father died when he was a child. As if that wasn't enough suffering for one person to deal with, he also experienced the death of his older sister who was murdered by her husband who then killed himself. She left behind two children that Dave and his younger sister have raised jointly. Lyrics from his songs came flooding into my mind and I realized that the story behind the words gave life and depth of meaning beyond anything I had known previously. He wasn't just some lucky fellow who had a musical talent, he was a human being who endured suffering and allowed his pain to fuel his passion.

This connection between pain and passion seems to keep presenting itself. Maybe it means something. Maybe it's a coincidence. God, I hope it means something. I want my pain to mean something...I desperately want it to grow into something. None of us are exempt from pain - it's part of being human. So I pray that we learn to allow our pain to mold and shape us into life-giving souls with purpose on this earth.


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