Monday, April 14, 2008

what then?

i find myself approaching this blog like someone would a small, shy animal...very slowly, and with timidity and caution. but unlike approaching a small animal, i don't fear that this opportunity will come back to bite me (i know your fears and histories with squirrels...), but rather that it will not sit still long enough for me to engage with it. the daily happenings, discourses, findings, encounters, revelations, and other aha moments i encounter in our conversations seem so fleeting, i hardly have time to catch onto one without letting it go when another so quickly comes my way. so, what then? how do i juggle these whimsical hankies of ideas and concepts that float one right after the other with a toss here, a catch there, another it all just a magic show-meant to distract and complicate rather than reveal and solidify?

so, what then?

this then: we dialogue. we wrestle. we spar. we engage. we listen. we question. we bear. we learn. we teach. we experience. we connect.

in a word: we juggle...together.

with a toss here and a catch there, we will juggle one idea after another until, with fluidity and beauty we are living out the very objects of our juggling. ideas are no longer in the air, but hand in hand. concepts are no longer for tossing, but for grabbing hold of and incorporating. and with gracefulness and agility we will add more objects to our act until all are floating steadily...appearing in sequence, in order, in their place as a part of a brilliant show. not a magic show, but indeed magical.