Thursday, April 10, 2008


So here it is – our first joint blog! As is typical with any new venture, I enter into this dialogue with great anticipation and excitement for what is to be born from this experience. As I contemplate the title of this blog, I can’t help but acknowledge the irony involved. Would anyone ever have found the two of us speechless? Not likely. And yet, I believe we are both discovering that somewhere along the road of life we lost our authentic voice, the voice that was dreamed up by a God who ultimately longs for us to reclaim the glory he’s placed within each of us.

Our paths have been very different. I feel as though my entire life has been revolving around one continual existential crisis. You seem to be just entering into a crisis which possesses many of the same intriguing questions about life, love and purpose. Though the circumstances of our lives have been as drastically different as night and day, we have found a connection in our passionate pursuit of authenticity. Our travels are not for the sake of authenticity itself, but rather, for the connection to the divine (whether horizontally or vertically) that is only possible when we reclaim our voice by entering into our own stories and accepting the invitation of co-authorship.

We could both continue to exist as we have up until this point in our lives. I could continue to be controlled by fear and the overwhelming nature of my desires and longings. You could continue to function according to your understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Or we can listen to our stories and the Voice evident every step of the way that seems to have been attempting to wake us from our deep slumber for such a long time. Will we take the risk? Will we take the plunge? Will we enter into the story written on our own hearts despite the daunting task of removing the masks that have served as a viable survival technique up until this point? Do we dare to love the story we’ve been given, the story we’ve been simply surviving up until this point? Do we dare to love the story because of the way in which our story adds uniquely to God’s ultimate story? Do we dare to join in the living, not the surviving, and the telling of our stories in our own authentic voice?

There is something about taking this giant leap together that makes it seem possible. Let’s venture together…shall we?


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